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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Linky Party Pet Post

Ladybug Teacher is having a Linky Party over at ladybugteacherfiles.blogspot.com where we post our pets, so I thought I would share my Shelby with everyone.  She came to us 2 years ago as a puppy after we got over the loss of our Biscit who was with us for 14 years.  It took us 6 years to get the courage up to fall in love with another puppy, but Shelby caught my eye and I took her home, much to my husband's surprise.  My daughter Julianne and I named her Shelby on the way home in the car because he is a car fanatic and we knew he wouldn't get mad with us for bringing her home!  

Here is Shelby:

My honey and my baby!

Shelby and her favorite pink toy!

Shelby's first week at our house

Shelby's first day at our house!  She was soooo tiny.

Shelby's pretty pink bed.

The first time Shelby was groomed.

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  1. shelby is darling!

    good job with the comment pop-up box! ;)



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