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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Therapeutic Thursdays

Teachers are always in need of a little therapy, either spiritually, physically, emotionally, or socially.  Here is something to make you laugh, hence some emotional therapy:

Our principal has a banner over her door that reads B.B.E. (Best Boss Ever) that we made for her birthday.  I had to go to the office with a few students to get something from my mailbox and one of my students read the banner.

Student:  "Oh look, it says B.B.E."
Me:  "Do you know what that means?"
Student: "Is it like OMG, LOL, or ROFL?"
Me:  "What?  How do you know what those stand for?"
Student:  "OMG, Mrs. Fernandez, LOL, you must be JK, right?"
Me: (inside my head where only I can hear, LMAO!) "No, I am not kidding.  How do you know all of that?"
Student:  "I read Urban Dictionary online, it has all kinds of stuff. You should read it too, you would learn all of the initials for stuff.  Like this one I made up right now, MFISS."
Me:  "You made it up right now, what is it?"
Student: "Mrs. Fernandez is so silly!"

The things kids say!


  1. HAHAHA that is great! Kids really are so funny and can make even hard days seem not that bad...thanks for sharing!

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