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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Therapeutic Thursdays

There is nothing more therapeutic for a teacher than getting free stuff!  When I got home today there was a large envelope waiting for me from Carson-Dellosa, but I didn't order anything so I ripped that sucker open in seconds.  I am so excited to say that I was chosen to be on their CD-Connect panel to sample their products and write about them!!!!!!!!  I don't even remember signing up for this!  My welcome packet included a really great padfolio with pockets and products, WOOT WOOT!  I will take a picture later and post it tomorrow!  I am psyched!  Who needs expensive therapy when free stuff is therapy enough?


  1. I got one too.... but I ordered something! lol


  2. That is too funny, Jennifer. I probably got one because I have a small mortgage because of them, LOL.

  3. You lucky duck! I order from them every July. I almost go broke every August because of them & Creative Teaching Press.

    Ms. M


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