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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know You're a Teacher When

Abby over at the Inspired Apple is having a linky party "You Know You're a Teacher When..."

Here goes:

You Know You're a Teacher When...

....you get to school early because you are excited to put up the new calendar for the month

...you were a drama kid and now perform every day for your captive audience

...did someone say there is a sale on Sharpies?

...office supplies in general make you feel downright giddy

...you tell your husband, not tonight honey I have to download all this free stuff!

...you tell your own children they better not fail that test, after all what would their teacher think of you?

...last, but definitely not least, you wear bows in your ponytail everyday just so it matches your outfit

Click on Abby's button below and join the party:


  1. I am *all over* office supply sales!!!!

  2. In my case I wear headbands to match my outfit!

    Once Upon a Time in First Grade

  3. I'm crackin up about the free downloads! Hope you are migraine free the rest of the week!


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