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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teachable Moments Tuesdays

Today was a lesson in tolerance, something, I find, I have less of as I get older.  For those of you who work with little ones like I do, you know that it takes a special person to remain calm during some of our daunting tasks in the classroom.  Today, I realized, that it isn't my firsties that get to me, it is the adults that I have to deal with sometimes.  I am finding it harder to remain calm and positive when other people in this world just want to aggravate me on a continual basis.  Today was one of those days and I have left the issue behind (after venting to my blogging buddies...) with not a teachable moment taught by me, but one taught to me:

You can't please everyone every minute of everyday.  This being said, I release the anger that I felt today and I am moving on.  I pray that this lesson is embedded into my brain and my heart because I have also learned that I cannot give the power to others to steal my happiness, I am in charge of my happiness.


  1. Sending positive thoughts and hoping you remain in charge of your happiness tomorrow! :)


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