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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Summer I Will........ Linky Party

I love when we get to think about the things we will do over the summer.  I have my own personal summer bucket list, but how could the summer go by without having a summer bucket list for teaching ideas!  Link up below and let us know what you will do this summer.

1.  Go to Jessica's UCF orientation.
2.  Spend a week at a hotel on the beach.
3.  Have fun purchasing all of the items for Jessica's dorm.
4.  Clean house, really really clean house.
5.  Exercise
6.  Eat green most days.
7.  Soak in the tub with lots of bubbles.
8.  Teach Julianne to drive.
9.  Read books, books, and more books.
10.Harry Potter, the end......
11.Create some teaching units. (This includes new units for our reading series and math series, organizing my classroom library, making a few units to go with Melissa Forney's Razzle Dazzle Writing and Picture Dictionary).
12.Spend as much time with Jessica before she leaves.
13.Walk on the beach and sink my toes in the sand, by moonlight!
15.Kiss Jessica goodbye and send her off to college.......

click this link to add your list:



  1. Great to do list! Let's follow each other and keep in touch!


  2. I absolutely loved the book the Energy Bus. Have an awesome summer. I love your blog...super cute. I have you bookmarked now. Besitos!!!

  3. You are sooooo creative. I love it! ~Paula


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