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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Book Whisperer Chapter 2 Linky Party

Here are this week's discussion questions:

1.  Would you start the year off with a book frenzy similar to Miller's or would you adapt it?
I think that I would change it just a bit.  Since I teach first grade, I would have the books geared to the AR levels that the student's finished off with in Kindergarten.  I would place 3-4 books on each child's desk at their level and have them choose from those.
2. What were your impressions of Miller's more positive descriptions of the three types of readers?
I think that these descriptions allow for a better interpretation across the grade levels.  By using these descriptors rather than the negative ones we are used to, teachers will be able to talk more openly with each other about what is going on in their classrooms.  I know that sometimes we hate to admit that we have many "low" readers in our room, especially when it comes to later in the school year, for fear that it would have an impact on how others see our teaching.  When talking with parents, these descriptors will also give them a sense of hope in that they will feel more apt to help their child if they don't think all is lost.
3. 40 books!!! What do you think of that??
I have to admit, I cringed when I thought about my first graders reading 40 books!  When I came around, I thought about all the books we read together, books they read at home, story time, and all the other ways that reading books is presented to them.  This would be an adaptation to the 40 books on their own, but I think incorporating all forms of reading with little ones might make the 40 more attainable.

What are your answers to this week's questions?
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