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Friday, July 29, 2011


So, I was all gung ho this morning as I drove to school with some new stuff, ready to at least get started.  I had to borrow the principal's key because they won't release our keys until the official start date, then I had to get the custodian to open the door to my building.  My oldest daughter was with me, not willingly, but she was there.  We were walking on the outside of the building because they were waxing the first building and guess what, IT STARTED TO POUR!!!! I then fell flat on my tush, my daughter stood in the rain laughing at me, the custodian turned around and laughed too!!!! I graciously got up and continued walking, pretty much laughing at myself!  
When I walked into my room, I took one look and didn't even feel like doing a thing.  My brand new construction paper holder was smooshed and broken, so that was it for me.  I couldn't even concentrate after I saw that.  I emptied a few things, took my extra printer home so my daughter could take it to college and we left.
I will try again on Monday......


  1. We all have bad days. I'm sorry your paper holder was crushed. Remember this though you'll get it done and it will be wonderful! Enjoy your weekend and give it a try again on Monday. Good luck! You'll have a great school year!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. It will get better- I promise. My kids did not love helping me either and sometimes setting up again can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath,
    do something that you love tonight and just take care of yourself. It will all get done. Your will figure it out.

  3. Oh Janine, that stinks, I'm so sorry. I would have been just as upset. You did the right thing in coming home...once you've had a break with your family over the weekend, you'll be totally ready to go back in. It's too hard to get work done if you're not in the right mind frame. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love you ladies! I am having a great Friday night, its just me, but me time is great time. This weekend will be filled with family love, so I will be nice and refreshed to tackle that room on Monday. Have a blessed weekend!


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