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Sunday, July 24, 2011

New School Year Updates

Update #1:  You know those cute little storage crates everyone is making?  I happened to mention it to my mister and showed him the pictures of the finished product, he had that "what are you making me do now" face on, so I let it go.  Well.... yesterday I was trying to nap and I kept hearing all this noise, but covered my head with a pillow and laid there.  This is what I woke up to:

I love this guy!!!!! Now the rest is up to me!

Update #2:  I am going to get the chance to co-teach with one of my sweetest friends ever!!!!!!!  These firsties are in for such a treat, as am I!  I can hardly wait to start the year.  We have so many ideas and are so pumped, we can't even stand ourselves!  Look out world, the Dynamic Duo is on the loose! 

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