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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Am Still Shaking: Please Read So This Doesn't Happen To You!

My amazing dinner from the Cheesecake Factory is stuck in my throat and I am shaking profusely.  You have to read this very long post all the way through, it just may save your life.  Here is what happened:

My sister, her daughter, and I walked to my car after dinner.  I parked in the parking garage, which was now fairly empty.  As we were walking, I saw the car next to mine and I even commented that they left their lights on.  When we got closer we saw that there were 2 people in it, a guy and a girl, his door was open on the driver's side.  My sister was going to drive because I didn't feel good.  I got in the car, my niece got into her car seat and my sister had to move a shopping cart from between our 2 cars so she would be able to get out of the space.  The cart made a lot of noise, but no big deal.  By the time she got the cart to the other side of my car, this guy is standing next to his car screaming at her. He called her an F**** B**** and said she hit his car with the cart (she didn't).  He was pointing to the top of his car and kept cussing at her.  I should have called 911, but I froze!  Looking back, how stupid of me!!!!!!  She told him she didn't even touch his car, he still screamed and got closer to her.  She got in my car quickly and as she did he tried the door handle to get into my car, but I had already locked it.  She turned the car on to back out and he got behind my car and was banging on my window.  The girl never got out of his car, she kept texting or whatever she was doing.  My sister started inching back and he had to move with her or he would have been hit.  He was banging and cussing.  The girl then got out when he yelled to her to stop us and she started banging too.  We got enough space to drive away (very fast, I might add).  My sister drove so fast, I was in a daze and my niece kept repeating to get the flashlight it was dark.  Let me add that my niece is autistic, so this was not good for her to witness.
We made it home, I told my husband, he got pissed because he said this stuff never happens to him, only to me (it's true).
The cops came to our home because I was afraid this guy got my tag and made some kind of report.  Here is why you have to be aware:

This is a scam!  They park close, put something between you , accuse you of hitting their car and then either hijack you and the car or rob you!!!!!!!

I am taking a Zanax and going to bed.....maybe not, my head and heart are racing.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is sooooo scary. Thank the Lord you guys were able to get out of there safely. I am sorry you and your family had to go through that.

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Oh no! I'm so glad the 3 of you are safe. I'm so sorry you had such a scary experience.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  3. This is so scary! I don't know what I would have done! Thank God you and your family are okay. This story gave me chills. I'll have to start carrying my pepper spray around again.

  4. Holy Smokes! How scary!! I'm glad you guys got out okay. Thanks for the heads up. That is so terrible!

  5. Janine - that is crazy!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you. This world is nuts! THIS is why I'm so paranoid about parking lots . . . I will not park next to vans (the scary looking ones that have no windows and I always think someone is kidnapped and trapped inside or that I will be the next person to be kidnapped and trapped inside) and NOW I have to worry about parking next to regular types of cars?! Where am I going to park? Seriously, though, how are you doing NOW? Did you get any sleep? Did the cops give you any tips? I am going to have follow up comments emailed to me so that if you respond, I can see it. I truly hope you're feeling better about everything. HUGS!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Thank you for the love, ladies! I did sleep ok, thanks to the meds. I kept thinking they were going to come to the house, since the police said they could get my address from my tag number. That scared me to death. He told us that just through our tag numbers anyone can find your name, address, phone number, and credit information for FREE!!!!! So now I sat here in this house all day, EATING!!!!! I have had one full day of pity and tomorrow is going to be better. I learned so much from this, I really need to be more aware of what is going on around me.
    Thanks again for the love. Kristin, yes you do need make sure that you don't park near anything suspicious. If you see someone getting into the car next to you, the policeman suggested that you turn around and head back to the store or pass your car and wait for them to leave. Just another thing to worry about! Stay safe my friends!


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