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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The End of Molasses Classes Linky Party

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My thoughts:
Principle 4 really hit home with me (Uplift other adults who play a role in the lives of our children).  Since I work in a rough area, parents and caregivers are often seen as the enemy, those who continually work against us when it comes to their children (or not work at all).  I realize that if I see them as partners, no matter what, my life will be much easier.  The role I take depends on how they respond, so sometimes I have to take the lead and be more influential in the academic decisions than I would normally have thought to be.  By ridding ourselves of the "us against them" mentality, we can use parents and caregivers to our advantage.  Since I started this new outlook, even conferences have been easier.  I use to start on the defensive, now I start with the ball in their court.

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