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Monday, April 23, 2012

This is not a teachery post, PER SE, just follow along for a bit.  We have a teacher book club at work filled with obsessive reading maniacs, me included.  We pretty much devour books and although we have read the books that our students and own children have read (Twilight, Hunger Games, etc.) we are ADULTS.  That being said, we I did not want to read 50 Shades, as I am a prude don't want to admit that I might like what I was reading.

I gave in and on Thursday I started book one and right now at this very moment I am on Chapter 12 of book 3.  I will officially be the first one to finish and I was the last one to start!  What does that say about me?  Am I in love lust with Mr. Grey and his dark, dark, dark deeds? This man is about the best thing to happen to my reading world since Edward Cullen and Mr. Cullen, I am so sorry, you ain't got nothing on Mr. Grey.

Anyhoo, the one thing I knew I would die of embarrassment if it ever happened,  happened today.  My principal asked me how far I had gotten in the book.  What?  Is she part of the book club?  When did this happen?  She can't possibly be reading the same words  I am reading, this is not right.  I stood there staring at her like she was speaking in tongues, I couldn't answer her.  But. I. Did. (Did you see what I did here?  If you read the books you know what it is.) I said I was on book 3 and smiled.  So she said that besides the SEX (my principal said SEX) she was into the story.  I was relieved to hear this because I am actually into the story.  The other stuff is great, but are there people out there having that much sex, vanilla or otherwise? If so, what is the name of their club?  Are there books involved?  Do they have jobs, children, or friends?  Do they eat?  

I went off track, sorry.  My principal (who is also my friend, but I still call her Mrs. G and I pretty much think she is my mom even though I am 9 days older than she is) gave me her thoughts on why she thinks Mr. Grey is the way he is and I told her just keep reading.  She is only on Ch. 3 of book one, oh please don't make her get to page 124 and then want to talk.  I. Will.  Die.

I have to get back to reading.  

Laters, baby.


  1. Okay dang it.. You are the third person in a week to mention these books so I guess I'm adding them to my Kindle tonight lol. I have no problem reading S-E-X haha!

    Strive to Sparkle

  2. Girl.. I am OBSESSED and ADDICTED! i just started book 3. I am in LOVE! Sheezz Christian is HOT! Even with all his crazy behaviors!

    I will be depressed when I get to the end. What will I do?!?!?!

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