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Saturday, June 2, 2012


I couldn't think of a title, so I used the first word that came into my head, LOL.  It seems that I have been spending every weekend doing nothing but things that require me to sit on my bed.  This worries me because when this week is over, I will have all summer to do stuff and I CAN'T spend it sitting on my bed.  I have found an actual benefit of going to work everyday:  I don't waste away sitting on my bed!  Maybe I should have titled this, wait for it.... "Sitting on My Bed".  I refuse to buy bigger pants, so my daughter has graciously handed me the Insanity workout (she is 19 and cries through the entire workout) to which I will begin in one week.

Teachery Stuff:  I have 4 more days with my firsties and then we say farewell.  I am going to have to say this, for the very first time in my career, I am happy that this year is over and some of these kiddos are moving on.  It has been beyond rough and I am just done.  Thank goodness I had a co-teacher, who is my good friend, go through it with me.  Neither one of us would have survived.  This year has totally proven my point regarding children who just don't do well in societal arenas, who don't listen, and who throw desks at the teacher standing in the corner waiting for the rampage to stop.  Forget all the labels, forget emotionally handicapped, forget all of it.  I have been saying this for years and one day, when I return to school for my Doctorate, I will be doing a thesis on this.  These children are PARENTALLY DISABLED!  That's it, I said it and I mean it.  Entitlement is another word that comes to mind, but that is another post for another time.

So what do you think?  Do you agree that if we could change the parents, the kids might have a chance?  Parents need to do their part, not hinder the work we do all day, every day.  I am going to pray for the parents of the students that will enter my class in the fall, let's see what happens...

Accomplishment? Yeah, I guess it was an accomplishment.  I got through it, I am reflecting on it, and my students love me (regardless of how mean the parents were).  I am accomplished.


  1. Janine - I knew we from the first time I read you blog that we had something in common...as the year has went on, we have more and more in common.

    Start with our eldest going to prom with a "friend," then off to college, now finishing up a hard year.

    I agree with the parent problem. I had 2 kiddos this year that would throw desks at me, hit me, destroy my room....I agree that if there parents were different - they would have been different.

    Enjoy your summer!

    Swinging Through Second Grade

  2. Heather, I love when this happens! I am blessed to know that through my thoughts on life, you and I have found a connection. As this hard year finishes, I hope we both can smile and reflect on why we are teachers and why we continue our vocation for many years to come. You have made my night with your comment and I hope your summer is filled with love and peace!

  3. Amen!! I certainly agree with what you said! I had a student this year that gave me a concusion!! The mother fought putting the child in a EBD classroom, REALLY??? It is so nice to know that I am not the only one who feels this way!! Enjoy you summer sitting on your bed and doing nothing. You derserve it!!

  4. I hear you!!!!
    And insanity is insane!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Over the years, I have taught many students that are "Parentally Challenged". This year was exceptionally challenging! If I had a dime for every time I have said "if I just took this child home with me for one night, they would be a different child" I would be rich!

    First Grade a la Carte

  6. My friend
    I feel the exact same way this year...I finished Friday and unfortunately there was no love lost. First time in a long time. Sad...hardest year I have had in over 10 years and I've been teaching 18. Heard next year will be worse...oh my goodness I need prayers ASAP. Have a great summer ((hugs)). We need a support group.. Lol

  7. It scares me how many of us are saying/thinking the same thing. This year was the hardest for me in my 14 years as a teacher. I could not believe how many children told me "no" within the first week of school. I took more kids to the office this year than I EVER have and most of them went kicking and screaming. It's sad when I feel like it's "Kindergarten Boot Camp" in my room every day! We need a hug prayer chain that 2012-2013 will be better!!!


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