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Sunday, June 17, 2012

College Road Trip, AGAIN

I tried to stop it, I really did, but she wouldn't have any part of it!  Little Miss and I will be traveling through Florida this week looking at colleges.  I know what you are thinking, Janine can't have college age children, LOL.  No really, didn't I just go through this whole college thing, actually, I am still going through it as Big Miss will start her second year in August.  Look what happened with her, she doesn't live here anymore (her internship keeps her in Orlando, in an apartment...).  She does come home a lot and most of her stuff is still here in her room, so I guess it doesn't really feel like she is gone for good.

Anyhoo, I will be on the road all this week and might not be able to blog will only be on the computer at night in the hotel.  Keep us in your thoughts, especially me, this is a hard time for me and I will need support.  I still cry over Big Miss being gone, so when this baby leaves, I don't know what I will do...

Have a blessed week and I will be back on Sunday!

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