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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learning Spot Review and GIVEAWAY

Read my review of the product and then enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 free Learning Spot Lessons from Carson-Dellosa!

Right before school ended, I was contacted by Carson-Dellosa to review their newest interactive product:  Learning Spot Lessons.  These lessons can be viewed on a whiteboard, a PC, or any other item that you may want to use.  

I was able to use the lessons during the last few weeks of school and have already been integrating them into my lessons for the upcoming school year. The 2 lessons I used the most during this time were:  Map Skills 1 and Wants and Needs, and Phonemic Awareness as it was easier for me to focus on Social Studies at the end of the year after the SAT-10 and review Phonemic Awareness skills with no pressure.

While using the Map Skills 1 students were able to come to the Promethean Board to work on a map and click to listen to descriptions and directions.  You have the ability to set the difficulty level, the language, and what lessons you want the student(s) to work on. Once in the student activities section, students can play a game that includes matching, moving parts, etc. to continue with the learning process.  There are also practice pages to print, which you can use as a hard copy for grading or portfolio work.  If you ever need a full overview, each lesson has a teacher notes section explaining everything that is included in the lessons.  I was able to differentiate according to student need.  

You can use the interface without a Smart Board or Promethean Board, as there is a pen and eraser function included.  There is also a button for standard correlations, so aligning the lessons to Common Core or other standards is at the ready.

Here is a short video highlighting the features:

Now onto the GIVEAWAY!!!!!!  I was given 5 Free Lessons to share, so that means 5 lucky followers will win one lesson each, including the download of the interface for your computer!  I am using Rafflecopter, so follow the directions and keep your fingers crossed. Thank you for following!

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  1. I think the Phonemic Awareness lesson would be great!! :)
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. I love hearing about new products! Thank you for sharing!

    Teaching with Moxie

  3. Oop.....forgot to add this info. If I win, I would LOVE Map Skills I. Thank,again!

    Teaching with Moxie

  4. I follow both of your blogs. I would love to win the Grade 1 - Intermediate Shapes lesson. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Sherry :)
    sherrymc62@bellsouth.net or mcmahanshe@fssd.org

  5. Due to district cuts I had to buy my own IWB (I found a different one so much cheaper) but it didn't come until close to the end of school, so these would be great to have on hand. Thanks for sharing !

  6. I'm not sure if you have 5 specific lessons you're giving away or if it's "free choice" :o) If it's free choice, I'd like the Plants Learning Lessons.


  7. If I had to choose one, it would be the phonemic awareness lesson!


  8. I love them all but I would currently pick the phonemic awareness lesson, but that could all change if I get placed in an older class! Thanks!

  9. I would choose the phonemic awareness lesson.


  10. I would choose the Map Skills.

  11. Would love the phonemic awareness lesson!! So awesome :)

  12. I would love the wants & needs lesson! That would complement my social studies curriculum nicely!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  13. Love your blog!! Would love to win the phonemic awareness lesson or Map Skills!


  14. I would like the 1st grade shape lesson or the map skills.

  15. I'd absolutely love the map skills lesson! That's perfect :] Thank you for doing this!

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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