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Friday, July 27, 2012

Giveaway Goddess Gossip

It seems that my daily post of the GGG has become quite popular, I have received emails from some bloggers to include their giveaways on my post!  Once again my blog family has made my heart happy.  So, if you would like me to include your giveaway in my daily post, just send me an email (pinksmyink@gmail.com) with a link to your post and I will be more than happy to include you.

Here is today's gossip (click the pics):

Brigid is celebrating her followers!

Lanier's Lions is celebrating 100 Followers!

My Second Sense is celebrating reaching 200 and 250 Followers!

My blogging buddy, Mechele, is celebrating summer with her giveaway!

My Kindergarten Kids has 200 Followers!

Swimming into Second Days 7 and 8 of 10

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