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Saturday, August 25, 2012

101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun

The amazing, Tamara Chilver,  founder of www.TeachingBlogAddict.com   (TBA) gave me the opportunity to use and review one of her creations in her Making Learning Fun series.  "101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun" is possible the greatest addition to my spelling repertoire to date.  Tamara has used some oldie but goodie spelling ideas and added ideas that I would have never been able to think of!  Here are some of my favorites:

Folk Dance
Alphabet Acrobatics
Movie Star Kisses
The Volcano


Choo Choo Words

That's only 5 out of the 101 from her book!  I am using this 2 different ways.  I made the recipe card size and use them in my word work center, they have been a hit so far.  I am also using them in my spelling menu for my monthly spelling home learning assignments.  I haven't started spelling home learning yet, but I know that this is going to add some excitement to the dullness of this task.  Changing it up each month will not even use up all 101 ideas!

If you want your own copy, you have to head on over to Tamara's Teacher's Notebook store by clicking on the book title and check it out for yourself.  She is going to add more titles to the series, so be on the lookout.  I can't wait to own all of them!

101 Ways to Make Spelling FUN

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