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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dancing Daughter Trip

Hi Blogging Buddies,

This week is bound to be a week of laughs, tears, smiles, and tired legs.  My youngest and I are traveling through Florida as she auditions for the dance programs at two of our colleges in the Sunshine State.  We left today and won't be back for a week, both of us taking the week off from school, imagine that!  I have all of my work with me, so while she is auditioning, I will be working sightseeing, no working.  I also get to have lunch with my peeps at CPALMS on Tuesday, since we will be in Tallahassee.  More on my work with CPALMS and what it means for all of you in a later post.

Anyhoo, keep us in your prayers.  I will try to post if I can, but I will be reading and blog stalking in my down time.  I can't believe I am in the last stages of babies at home all year, I don't know whether to cry or jump for joy.  One living at college was bad, two... I can't even think.  On another note, we stopped in Orlando to have dinner with Big Miss and her new boyfriend, so I get to meet the "boy".  Pray for that too!!


  1. Janine, of course I will pray for your trip! I'm hoping to make the same kind of trip with my daughter in three years...she lives to dance. Please share details when you can!!

  2. Hi Janine,
    Good luck to your daughter at her auditions. I have a dance daughter too, her goal, points! Anyway, I was just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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