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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Informational Text and a Freebie

We have started a new team at my school called "The Literacy Leadership Team" or "LLT" as we like to call ourselves, lol.  It was the literacy part that got me, the leadership, not so much, team, that was the best part (knowing that there are other teachers who will collaborate on how to get this thing called literacy infused across EVERYTHING).  Well, now that you know what I have been up to, let's get to the post.

Each month we will have a school "goal" or activity that everyone can participate in, if they so choose.  This month we thought that informational text would b a good place to start.  This is where our scores were not so hot and with the Common Core goal of 50/50, informational text is where it is at, people.  Ideas were passed around and we came up with a sort of scavenger hunt through informational text, nothing new, I know, but hey we have to start somewhere.

The upper academy (grades 6-8) will be working on a more difficult task, as will the middle academy (3-5).  The primary (K-2) is going to need a little push, so I created a very simple worksheet that teachers can use to help their little ones with the task.  

We will be using leftover Scholastic News and/or Time for Kids newspapers to find the different text features.  The students will then cut them out and glue them to the correct box on the sheet.  This would also make a great foldable, so you don't even have to copy the sheet.  Just print one to display and then have your cutees create their own with construction paper.  This is how I will do it because I am all about authentic assessment, but using this as a guide will get you moving in the right direction.  

Just click the picture below and you will be able to grab this freebie from my TpT store.  If you do, please leave me some love and let me know what you think or how you use informational text in your class.


  1. I would feel like you! I'm happy to be on a team, but the "get everyone on board" thing gets a tough.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thanks for making me feel better! Hopefully, products like this will get everyone in the mood to work on the activity!


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