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Saturday, December 7, 2013

McGraw Hill Wonders First Grade Mini Focus Walls Unit 2 Weeks 4-6

I am happy to report that my newest mini focus walls for the first grade Wonders series are on TpT.  Unit 2 Weeks 4-6 are ready for you to put up in your classroom!  This reading series is filled with so much content, so I am finding that these focus walls are taking much longer to create than my past reading series.  I am trying to fit everything in, so you have your whole week at a glance.

I hope that you continue to use these focus walls to help with your planning and that your students are using them as well.  I find that giving them to parents is also very helpful!

Just click the picture below to check the product out on TpT.  The price remains at $6, but you will find that it is more than worth its weight in gold.  Enjoy!

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