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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!  I have missed the past 3 months of link ups due to working on my Ed.S in Science Ed.  I am so happy to be on break and have spent some quality time with my family and just getting things in order before school starts next week.  I am hoping to create some time for fun things like blogging, creating, and just down time.  This degree is the one that is kicking me in the butt!  To think I want to keep going on to my PhD...

Anyhoo, here is what is currently going on in my life:

Listening & Loving:  My big miss is home from UCF, so we are excited that they made it to the Fiesta Bowl and they are currently in the lead!  I am also happy that we have tomorrow together, but she leaves on Friday.  The time seems to go faster and faster every time she comes home.

Thinking:  This was the first holiday season without my grandma.  She was so missed and everyone tried to hold it together.  My sister surprised me with a cameo locket that my grandma left me.  There was a present from grandma to me under the tree...needless to say, I bawled.

Wanting:  I know 2 weeks is a long time, but 3 would be better!

Needing:  I hope my stylist is working on Saturday, I cannot go back to work like this!

Tradition:  As an Italian family, we celebrate Christmas Eve by having the Feast of the 7 Fishes.  We do not eat any meat at all.  In all of my 45 years, I have never had any meat on Christmas Eve, so this is a tradition that sticks through the generations.  With grandma gone this year, we had to learn how to make everything because my mommy was soooo sad, but she got us through it. Now my girls, my sister, and I know what to do and we will carry on the tradition!

What are you Currently doing?  Link up with Farley here:

Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. It's neat to hear about other family traditions! I'd love to hear more details about your Italian feast. I must agree with you too on needing another week! The first week is just so busy preparing for the holidays that's it not even like time off!

    The Bender Bunch

    1. Traci,
      Each Italian family feast is different, depending on the fish or seafood that your family prefers. My grandmother always made a fish salad that has conch, squid, shrimp, lemon, and other seasonings as our first course. We then have linguini with lobster sauce, smelts, fried shrimp, sauteed shrimp, lobster tails, and side dishes. With grandma gone this year we were afraid that the sauce and the fish salad wouldn't taste the same, but I have to say we did a great job! She taught us well. You can look up information about the feast here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feast_of_the_Seven_Fishes

  2. Janine, I could have SWORN that you were Hispanic and not Italian. Maybe because I am from Miami too and my parents are Cuban. Such a cliche I am. :P Sorry to hear about your grandma, but glad to know you are surrounded by your family, which you love, and loves you back.

    1. M, My last name is Hispanic (thanks to hubby), but I am not. Growing up in Miami has forced me to be somewhat Hispanic, lol. His family is Cuban, so my girls get both Noche Buena some years and Feast of the Seven Fishes on others!

  3. I'm so glad you found me through the link up! Way to go on continuing your education! PhD is not for me!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

    1. Rissa, I never thought I would even attempt a PhD, but after starting my Specialist I felt that it was only a few more classes to get the PhD, so why not!

  4. I'm so glad to have found another 1st grade blogger! I'm brand new to this world. I'm with you on wanting an extra week of break. Take care!


    1. You are going to meet so many bloggers and there are tons of first grade peeps out there! Thanks for stopping by and have a great end of your break :)


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