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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moby Max and Me (Review and Giveaway)

A few weeks ago I was given access to MobyMax Pro in order to review the product. I have to admit, I didn't know too much about the website or what it could do for my students, so I was intrigued. With the FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) looming over me, I knew that I was in need of something that would help prepare my students, but also be fun and take them away from hearing my voice over and over and over...

In came Katie and her offer! I am so happy to have been given the opportunity and my students are equally thankful. I have one class iPad that students can use, along with four classroom computers. Students have to use a district mandated program daily at home and in school, so I knew that MobyMax would be a reward for finishing up what my students needed to finish.

I used the Writing Workshop Module with my students, since the FSA Text Based Writing Exam came up first for us. I am here to say that not only was it on par with what was going on in my classroom, but my students actually worked on the modules in class and at home! This is huge, considering my students rarely complete home learning assignments with or without the computer. The writing workshop started off with opinion writing and took students through various sources where they had to read and then answer questions that would help them figure out the author's opinion and choose their opinion on the topic. I have included some screenshots from www.mobymax.com so you can see what the writing workshop has to offer.

The modules include various benchmarks, students are able to easily work on their own, and the rubrics help teachers grade their students, if need be.

Progress Monitoring allows teachers to see which standards students may need help with or standards that are being mastered by students. Student usage is also tracked.
I chose to use the Writing Workshop, but you can choose all content areas or the ones that are indicative to your group of students.  I am so happy with my choice to use this with my students and I am positive that I will continue on, even after my free year with the Pro License ends.  This is one of the easiest ways I have found to engage my students and help track their understanding of the Common Core Standards.  Data is key and this program provides me with the data I need.  Even though I use the Florida Standards, the alignment of the CCSS is similar so it is easy for me to use with my state requirements.

MobyMax is giving away a one year PRO license to one of my followers. All you need to do is complete the Rafflecopter below and you are on your way. The giveaway will only be up for one week, so make sure you enter.The last day to enter is next Sunday, the 15th of March.  This is a $99 value, so you will want to enter!  To see the difference between a Free membership and a PRO membership to MobyMax, click here: www.mobymax.com/pricing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This program looks like a great way for students to get extra practice in specific skills at their pace. I particularly like that it monitors student progress and provides teachers with data on the skills they're working on.

  2. I like the way that progress monitoring in incorporated into this program. I would love to use this in my classroom. Thank you for the chance to win.


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