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Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Honor of My Birthday

I am sure each of us has a birthday poster in our room where we post the birthdays of our students.  My problem is that my poster is not in the area where my calendar is, so I always have to walk over to the poster when I am putting up my new calendar for the month so I can place the happy birthday cards on the dates.  I made this ugly handwritten list that I keep on the wall next to the calendar, but it is ugly......

So, in honor of my birthday week, I decided to cutify my birthday list so I can have a sheet next to my calendar for reference.  I made one for each month to keep it really neat.  You can laminate them if you want so you can re-use it each year.  I am sure there are a thousand other uses for these, so please share your ideas with me.

Enjoy this gift from me to you in honor of my birthday!

Birthday Months Calendar


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