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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The End of Molasses Classes Linky Party Part Two: My Thoughts

I so enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on part one and am looking forward to what we have to share for part two.  This section is a must read for our parents and it really brought back some memories on how I was the classic "helicopter" parent for a while.  I learned very quickly to stop that when I came across the very same parent of one my students.  Lesson learned!

The principle from this section that stood out has to be, "Principle 27:  Realize the power of gratitude and appreciation. "

Now that I have a child in college and a junior in high school, I can say that I have made every mistake Ron Clark tells us not to do.  So, I needed this principle so many years ago, but at least I can laugh about what I did!  I have emailed in anger, I have gone straight to the principal, I have spoken negatively about teachers in front of my kids, and I have also demanded that the teacher be changed.  So, now I realized that if someone did this to me as a teacher, I would probably have quit my profession because I would have been so upset.  Do I agree with the giving of gifts to teachers in order to make sure that they feel differently about students, absolutely not.  But, I do know that when I shower my own children's teachers with appreciation, the outcomes and the way my children are treated is quite different.  Appreciation doesn't always have to come by way of gifts, just a mere thank you or recommendation to other parents will be sufficient. 

What are your thoughts on this section?


  1. Oh so now you tell me. You see me hovering every morning. lol. I am a helicopter mom for sure. But hey...it's my first time. Besides, Ron Clark did everything he tells us not to do at some point.


  2. I've so appreciated you hosting the End of Molasses Classes linky party so I'm awarding you with the BLOG ON FIRE award! Check out my blog to see the post!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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