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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm So Hot, I'm on Fire!

I have to thank Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade for gracing me with the Blog on Fire award!  I haven't been in the blogging mood (or any mood, for that fact) for a few weeks and I can't tell you what a little FIRE will do for you!  I have so many blessings in my life since I started blogging in January and I hope that I can continue to share my journey with each of you for many years to come.  As part of the award, I need to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 others, so here goes:

1.  I am slowly turning into a couch potato thanks to blogging, so I am starting a strict diet on Tuesday (after I indulge in some Halloween chocolate).
2.  I have been married for 24 years and am looking forward to the next 24 with my honey.
3.  My children are my life.  I cry just thinking about them.
4.  I started my first career as a banker when I was 18, became a stay-at-home mommy when I was 24, got my undergrad in Psychology when I was 37 and started teaching, then got my master's in reading when I was 40.  Teaching is my love.
5.  It took me 7 years to bring another dog into my life after Biscit passed away and now I swear, Shelby is Biscit reincarnated!  She has all of our hearts.
6.  My grandmother is 92 years old and tells us the best stories about her life.
7.  I am deathly, deathly afraid of ghosts and frogs.

Here are my 7 choices for blogs on fire:

Chalk Talk

Kreative in Kinder



  1. You are so sweet Janine!!!!!!!!

    How sweet that you've been married for 24 years! CONGRATS!!!!


  2. I hope all is well with you; how is your daughter doing in college? My son is Exhausted...pledging isn't helping him get more sleep, lol.

    Good choice on waiting until 11/1 to start the strict diet :-) ReadWriteSing

  3. I'm scared of ghosts too! I get all freaked out when people use the words friendly and ghost in the same sentence. I've also been annoyed with myself about adding a few extra pounds. I keep wishin' someone would start up a Biggest Loser linky party to motivate me.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Thanks Janine!! I love your blog{s} too!


  5. Gosh, thanks Janine! You are too sweet!
    - Leslie

  6. Janine~Your blog is on fire:) You have such a sweet heart and are kind to some many bloggers out there! You totally deserve this award!


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