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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Andrew's Multiple Myeloma Transplant Fundraiser

Faithful Friends,

Andrew Weiner is a colleague of mine, we met this year when he came to fill in a position that was vacant.  He is not a permanent teacher, so when school ended, so did his insurance coverage.  He is undergoing treatment and needs some help.  If you can, just click below and read his story.  I know money is scarce and we are all in need of something, but prayers are free. So, in the very least, just add him to your prayer list.  Our Heavenly Physician will do the rest.

Much Love and Thank You.

Click Andrew's picture and it will take you to the donation site.

Andrew's Multiple Myeloma Transplant Fundraiser

Hi Friends. Thanks for stopping by. I am here at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. I will be undergoing high dosage chemotherapy later today and stem cell transplant on Thursday July 5. As many of you know I have also been ...

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