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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Currently, I am really just enjoying my lazy summer (I mean LAZY).  I can't believe a month has passed and I have 6 weeks left!!!!!

I love putting things into perspective each month with Farley, so here is my contribution to Currently:

I am doing some work for my summer job, but the TV is on in the background.  I love cop shows and when The First 48 is in Miami, I feel like I know exactly who they are talking about, lol!

Big Miss will be home from college tomorrow and will be here to Monday (another reason that I will not be posting to my blog this summer).  I am so excited to see her and we will have a firework filled fourth!

Yeah, I have done nothing related to teaching this summer.  Well, not my teaching.  I have helped facilitate a Professional Development on writing science MEA's and I will be doing the same thing for language arts lesson planning in a few weeks.  I am in the middle of my specialist degree in math and science... and I will be attending the Summit on Science next week.  So, I guess I have been knee deep in thoughtful activities, but not really creating and blogging (the fun stuff)!

I have not put a bathing suit on yet (I don't want to, but hell, who cares) and I really want to get my feet wet!  I love the pool, so hopefully someone out there will read this and invite me over.

I need a tan, I live in Miami for goodness sakes!  I cannot go back to work looking like Casper.

I am not a professional blogger, AT ALL, but I do have fun when I actually get to it.  I stress over reading all of the posts from the over 1000 blogs I follow (yes, I am a stalker).  So my hint is not to become a slave.  While you scroll, somethings will catch your eye and others won't.  Nobody will know which is which, so just go with it and enjoy what you read!

Now head on over to Farley's blog and join in on the fun:

Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. Hi Janine! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming my newest follower. I was already following yours! I haven't been in my bathing suit yet, either. But hopefully, I will soon!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully, we will be in our bathing suit swag soon!

  2. I am a blog multiple follower (aka stalker) too!! I love reading to get new ideas and see what other people do in their classrooms.

    Learning Ahoy!

    1. Thanks for visiting! It is nice to befriend another stalker :)

  3. I think it is TOTALLY ok to just take time for yourself in the summer and do nothing educational. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. As of today, my status is the same! I am loving doing nothing educational. Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I just love it! If you want to check out my blog, I’d love some opinions! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for following and I am your newest follower! I am loving what you are doing on your blog!


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