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Sunday, August 4, 2013

August... Currently I am:

I can hardly believe that in two short weeks I will be greeting my new batch of firsties.  Time is of the essence, people!  Here is what's up for me at this very moment:

Listening:  My sister is running errands so my niece and nephew are here.  At 8 and 5, they are keeping my girls (20 and 18) very busy. Spongebob has been on all morning....

Loving:  My big miss is home from college and we are having a blast.  She is moving into a new apartment this year, so we have been shopping, shopping, shopping.  She gets excited over school supplies, too, so that is an added plus.

Thinking:  Each summer a few of us are forced chosen to help out with different things.  This year I got curriculum, so I go back a week before teachers and get things going for first grade.  I will be at the copy machine if you need me.

Wanting:  I can't say that my summer was productive.  I hardly blogged, there are piles all over my house, I cleaned a little bit, and I didn't make my doctor's appointment.  Somehow, summer whizzed by and I need another month or two or three...

Needing:  I love setting up, but time constraints are in full force.  A fairy who waves a wand would be nice...

B2S Must Haves:  

1.  Markers, enough said.
2. I don't need a new bag, but I want one.  I am going to be picky since I go through this each  year.  I got a 31 Utility Tote last year, but it made me carry things I didn't need because I just wanted to keep the file tote in it.  It is now my beach bag, a much better choice for me.  So, I went back to my old bag, which I loved, so maybe old is new.  Lunchboxes are a must and I did get a new one, but I think it is too small.  Oh well, we shall see.
3. This is a must have, thanks to our friends Deanna Jump and Rachelle Smith.  If you need help with the Common Core and Back to School, this is filled with ideas, advice, product suggestions, and some freebies from our favorite blogging buddies!  There is one for math too!  Click the pics to head on over, these are FREE!!!!!!

Common Core English Language Arts FREE Back-to-School ebook: Grades K-2    Common Core Math FREE Back-to-School ebook: Grades K-2

Thanks for stopping by and checking in! Now it is your turn, so head on over to Farley's Blog and tell us what you are Currently doing.


  1. I'm so glad you feel like your summer flew by. I'm sorry for you, but it makes me feel better about my unproductive summer, too!! ;) Good luck with copies & curriculum planning. I actually wish we had a meeting like that before the year started so we could start planning ahead instead of feeling like we're treading water for the first few weeks. Maybe you need a copy fairy instead?!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  2. Hi there! I found you through Farley's Currently. I forgot all about a new lunch box! I need that too! :) Right now I need to get to setting up a brand new classroom at a brand new school! No panic... I won't panic... it's fine right?

    Melissa Leach

  3. I am in your boat too, I feel like I had big plans this summer, I was going to make stuff to sell on TpT for our new Wonders series ( I but other peoples stuff because I get side tract)...I think I only blogged two or three times..yeah unproductive I tell ya!
    I too am going back to work for a curriculum party! Ah the joys of wanting to look productive!
    Have a great year!

    1. buy, not but other peoples stuff..ugh

    2. I actually made some mini focus walls for the Wonders series, since it is our new reading series, too. I am in the middle of making them for units 1-6, so be on the lookout. Curriculum parties are the bomb! Good luck and have a great school year, thanks for following!


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