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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Laminator Love: Thank you My Binding!

It is every blogger's dream to receive an email asking you to review something and I am no exception.  This summer seemed to be the summer of reviewing for me!

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by My Binding to review this little baby:

I wasn't much up on the creating side this summer, but I did have to make a new bulletin board theme for school (our school theme is baseball), so I made some bases and started this baby up!  The lamination is nice and sturdy, which is a plus for us elementary school teachers who hold on to things forever and ever.  The seal around the item stays in tact even when you cut it out, so I know the laminate will not start peeling come October!

Here are some pics of what my laminating session entailed (amateur pics, lol):

So there you have it, my creation (small beans compared to some of my blogging buddies).  This laminator is the one to have my teaching friends.  I can't wait to laminate big and little items, since there are different size pockets available at My Binding.  

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