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Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Happened to January and What I'm Currently Up To....

It's a new month and that means we are sharing what we are currently doing, wanting, needing, etc.  Like most of you, I feel that January whisked by and I didn't even get a chance to savor the newness of 2014.  If this is any indication of what is to come, then we will be shouting Happy New Year before we know it.
Here is my contribution to Farley's once a month gathering.

Listening-  I ended up not seeing the end because hubby came in and took a nap.  I felt bad and turned off the TV, so I will have to watch it all over again!
Loving-  Little Miss, my 19 year old, woke me up on Thursday morning at 3 am crying because she had been vomiting for most of the night.  Off to the ER we went and of course because she couldn't stop and none of the meds they gave her helped her, they admitted her.  I watched her sleep all of Thursday and Friday and prayed that this would pass.  We are watching her carefully and at least the meds she is taking now have kept her from vomiting.  The stomach pain and nausea are still there and the doctors ruled everything out so it is a mystery.  It's off to the GI this week to check her tummy and hopefully this will be over soon.
Thinking- I was doing great, I really was.  I am part of a friend's FB group to keep us accountable and I posted everyday until 2 weeks ago. I already lost the umphh to keep going and I have no desire to exercise (again) and I am pretty much eating whatever.  I lost 10 pounds and I think I messed that up, so I am starting anew tomorrow....
Wanting- In line with my thinking, I am wanting some motivation to just keep going in the million things I have on my plate.  Who was the crazy person that talked me into a Ph.D in Science?  Oh, it was me.  Did you know that I hate strongly dislike science?  I can do this, I can, but the motivational gods need to get on their game here! Work is also killing me.  We are under district support this year and it seems that they visit us everyday.  I know that I have nothing to worry about but if one person gets something wrong, we all pay for it.  I am tired of making changes to my teaching because the lack of dedication from other teachers.
Needing-  It will be a year this March since grandma started her new life in heaven.  My mother has aged tremendously in this past year and instead of acting like a vibrant 70 year old she acts like an old 90 year old.  She is driving my sister and I crazy and has given up on everything.  We have had to rotate doing her groceries, cleaning her house, and just about doing everything for her.  We even have to help her get in and out of the shower sometimes or else she won't bathe.  Add this to our normal lives and we are drained, our patience is dwindling.  My sister has two young children, one with Autism, so it really takes a toll on her.  I will use my OLW, PRAY, to get us through this.
2 Truths and a Fib-
1. It is true, I am obsessed with TV.  I DVR about 25 programs and spend all day on Saturday getting through them while I clean the house.
2.  Lie- I haven't written and published a book but I am in the process of writing a romance novel and have been for 10 years.  Life has gotten in the way so many times, but it will be completed and published before I move on from this life!
3.  Truth-  I hate to say it, but it may be the time to move on from teaching.  It is tiring and the rewards are no longer outweighing anything else.  The political agendas have taken over and I feel teachers will never have a say in what goes on in our classrooms again.
Well, that is it for this month.  I hope you join in on the fun and click the link below to tell us what is currently going on in your life!

Oh' boy fourth grade

Faithfully Yours,


  1. I'm so with you on finding the motivation to work out. Bikini season is coming up with a quickness so this is the week I'm making myself get back into the working out routine. I also completely get the frustration about the politcal agendas && the constant changes in teaching. It's the same here in South Carolina && to say it's annoying would be the understatement of the year. :)

    1. Amy, If I could ever get this bod back into a bikini I don't know what I would do with myself! We have to stick together against the politics and take back teaching!

  2. I actually don't mind working out once I get to the gym and get started...its getting there and getting started that I have a problem with. Well, that and not eating everything under the sun lol

    It's sad that teachers want to leave teaching because of the politics. Thankfully, I still work in an area where we haven't let the politics overrun us (yet)...and I'm hoping they won't. I don't want to hate something I love so much, you know?

    1. Raye,
      Food is just so good.... I don't think I would ever leave since it is who I am and comes as natural as breathing. I just wish those that don't know what goes on in the classroom would stop and think before pushing their agendas on us. Teaching is our passion! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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  4. Janine,
    I hope your daughter is feeling better! Nothing worse than not knowing why you aren't feeling well. I also hope the situation with your mom gets better!

    Dina -

  5. It was really hard to get on a good eating/exercising/sleep routine for me this year. Trying a 3 week challenge with my husband starting today. Hope you get back on track too!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog. I am doing a February Holiday TpT pack giveaway!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat


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