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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently...It's June!

I can't believe it is June and we are getting ready to pack it in for the summer.  This year was exhausting and this girl is ready to spend some time away from the classroom.  Can you believe 2K14 is half over?  Resolutions haven't even begun, lol!  Anyway, here is what I would like to currently talk about for June:

Listening:  My husband and little miss both work at Publix.  She is a lucky girl having her dad as her manager, she gets away with murder.  So, every Sunday I am home alone with my perfect pup, Shelby.  It is very quiet here right now.

Loving:  I have 4 days left and then I can kiss this year goodbye.  I am dreading packing up, though, and I really should start that tomorrow.

Thinking:  I will be spending the first week off at an instructional coaches training just in case I get the call to instruct as a coach next year.  The change would be great and I would get to help peeps get their teaching groove going.

Wanting:  I have wanted a pool since I was a little girl and nobody has ever listened to me, including my hubby.  He hates pools and I don't think I will ever see one in any house that we own.  I will keep begging...

Needing:  A pool.

Summer:  1.  I cleaned out my daughter's old room and have many bins of memories that I can't get rid of.  We need to store them, so my little guest room/office can be completed.
2.  I am constantly trying to battle my weight and it always wins.  This summer it's going down.
3.  This is the best part of summer, traveling to Orlando to see Big Miss and spending time with hubby and Little Miss.  This is why I do what I do.

What are you currently up to?  Head on over to Farley's blog and link up!


  1. Happy June to you! I vote we BOTH lose our weight and never find it again! I have "getting healthy" on my "Currently" as well...and part of that involves trying to lose 20 pounds before the first day of school. Guess I should lay off the Pringles if I want that to happen. SIGH!

    1. Let's do it! Getting healthy is sooo hard. Oreos are my downfall, they are just too yummy. I want to lose 30 pounds, so I have my work cut out for me. Good luck. Check back in later this summer, I can't wait to hear how you are doing.

  2. Staying fit is on my list. We can all do it together!!!!! Hope your last few days are great!

    1. Yes we can! Good luck and enjoy your summer!


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