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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Currently, January 2015: Changes are Coming My Way

2014 is a thing of the past and 2015 is here to stay for a while. All of us have changes we are making, wishes we hope to come true, and ideas brewing in our heads.  There is so much hope in January and it inevitably loses its strength as the months pass by.  I am determined to keep my goals in view this year and to come into my own, one way or another!

I am enjoying reading all of the Currently posts, so here is mine for January.  I am thinking that I am going to print my Currently's and keep them in full view so I can reflect each and every day on those last few lines that I always type.  

Listening:  I started Game of Thrones this week and have been glued to the TV.  I am hoping to finish before Monday!  Needless to say, I haven't accomplished much else this week.

Loving:  Vacations from school mean my Big Miss is home.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this break to the fullest with both of my girls and my hubby.  She graduates in May and will be moving much closer to home, so this will become a thing of the past.

Thinking:  Big Miss goes back to Orlando, Little Miss starts her new semester and won't be home as much, hubby got promoted and his hours are much better, and I will be back with my kidlings bright and early Monday morning.  Two weeks just wasn't enough...

Wanting:  When I started blogging 4 years ago, I started with a personal blog (pinksmyink) and then quickly began my teaching blog (faithfulinfirst).  My personal blog doesn't get any attention and I am no longer teaching first, so faithful in first seems crazy at this point.  I love my pinksmyink name, so I am thinking of keeping the teaching blog, changing the name, and moving on.  It seems fit since everything else is in the pinksmyink family (FB, IG, Twitter, etc.).  Now if I can just find someone to create a fab blog design, I am good to go!

Needing:  No explanation needed here :)

Yes:  Follow #teachersofWhole30 on IG to find out what we are all up to.

Maybe:  I turned down 2 opportunities this year to move out of the classroom.  I don't think I will turn down the next one.

Wish:  I need to face my fears and become stronger in that respect.

What are you Currently up to?  Click here to link up.  Thanks to Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!


  1. Hi there,
    Happy New Year! I like your intro in the beginning! I hope you have a great year!!

    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  2. Hi Janine!

    I really enjoyed your currently! I teach in Broward County and this is my second year teaching 4th grade! Miss Johnston from Thriving in 3rd Grade does fabulous blog designs at a very low cost! http://lpaulldesigns.blogspot.com/ Hope you have a great year and that your wishes comes true! =)

  3. It sounds like you DO have a lot of changes going on this year! So, do tell, if it's not too personal...to which adventure shall you turn if you move out of the classroom? Will you full-time blog and create because I would love all the advice I can get from a seasoned blogger?! :)

  4. Hello, I am a new blogger and I was wondering where these templates come from? I have seen them, but I am so clueless as how to get them and fill them out! I am new to this blogging stuff! :)

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