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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Haven't Blogged in Almost a Year

I am hoping that I still have followers who are patiently waiting for me!  I can't even begin to tell you what I have been up to this past year, but know that even though I did let life get in the way, blog posts were finding their way into my head!  I figured my first post back would give you the fun facts of what has kept me from you all these months.  I hope you have fun reading what ended up being a really long post.

Reason 10:

I transferred to a new school last year and with that came 2 new grade levels and two new subjects.  I had to take off my primary teacher hat and make the move to 4th and 5th grade.  If that wasn't scary enough, I no longer teach Reading!  I am now a Math and Science Teacher!  Ladies and Gentleman, I had to learn how to do upper elementary math!  Have you seen this stuff?  I was so scared and thought I could never master this stuff, but you know what?  I did it and I did it so well that my principal has decided I am staying in 5th and will be a math and science teacher again. 

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Reason 9:

Not only did I become a math and science teacher, but my new principal thought I should also be the math coach.  Um, didn't you hear me in my interview when I said I really don't know anything about math?  All I can say is this helped me so much because like most of you, I am up to any and all teaching challenges.  Being a math coach only helped me because I learned so much and I was able to bring that to my classroom.  By training other teachers in things that I had to learn, I became stronger in my content knowledge.

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Reason 8:

I became an Everglades Literacy Curriculum Trainer.  Sounds important, right?  Well, those who know me know that I hate the outdoors and if I would have known that is what this meant, I would have graciously declined the offer.  Really, I thought Everglades Literacy was about reading about the Everglades!  Apparently, you need to immerse yourself in the actual Everglades in order to become literate about what goes on there!  It ends up that I LOVE this part of my life now and even though I refused to walk through the slough, I did get in a canoe!  I now train teachers all over Miami-Dade County on bringing this curriculum into their classrooms.  If you are in the state of Florida and are interested, please comment below and I will get you the information on how your school can become an Everglades Literacy School.

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Reason 7:

My Big Miss graduated from UCF last May and she was finally home from college!  Well, closer to home. She lives 20 minutes away.  We have spent some quality time together over the past year and have more than made up for the 4 years she was away.  It is so fun having her back and I am so blessed to have a new friend!  She left a baby, but came back an adult.  

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Reason 6:

My house needed some tender loving care.  I don't know about you, but I find that I just don't have the time or the energy to clean anymore!  I guess I do have some time, but I like Netflix!  I had to get things under control!  Even though I still have a lot to take care of here, at least I started and it may take another year to finish!

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Reason 5:

My mother has gone downhill since my grandmother passed away.  For some reason, she has aged tremendously in the 3 years since grandma left us and my sister and I are just going nuts.  Mom fell and was on the ground for about a day before we found her.  Long story short, she ended up in the hospital and then rehab and now she requires us to do things for her that we never expected to have to do, at least not yet.  I ask for prayers for mom and for my sister and I to have the strength to continue on with her care.  

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Reason 4:

I started my Jamberry journey last year and it took up some of my life for a few months.  I am not as obsessed at this point!  I love my nails and I love sharing with others.  It pays for the nail sheets that I want for myself, so that's really why I continue with the business.  I have also met some great people over the course of the year!  If you need some Jams, check out my page at https://pinksmyink.jamberrry.com.

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Reason 3:

I also became a Beachbody Coach and this has made a difference in my life!  I am loving my Shakeology every morning (this is why I joined, I wanted to get my Shakeology at a discount) and I am helping others who want to follow a healthy lifestyle.  I have learned that being healthy is a mindset and until that mindset changes, you can forget trying.  So, if you want to come along for the fit and healthy journey, you can find us on Facebook at Let's Get Fit and Healthy.  If you want to know more about Shakeology or any of the programs (I LOVE the 21 Day Fix and 22 Minute Hard Corps) then you can go here:  www.beachbodycoach.com/pinksmyink and I will help you find what works for you!

Reason 2:

Out of sight, out of mind.  I just fell off the social media platform.  I want to say that my mind just needed a break.  I had to rethink my goals and priorities.  Now that I had the time, I realize that blogging was very important to me and it filled a niche that I need.  I miss all of you so much and I need that interaction from like-minded people.  I hope you are all still here!

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And the number one reason why I haven't blogged in a year:

My Little Miss decided to go away to college after vowing not to leave! This hit me hard folks, really hard.  It is her senior year for goodness sakes!  I thought I was home free!  Around October, she came home from visiting friends at FSU and decided that she wanted to finish off her college career in Tallahassee.  I can't blame her and I reminded her that she was supposed to go as a Freshman, but decided to stay home.  Anyway, we moved her up a few weeks ago, but I spent this past year breathing her in every moment that she would let me.  So now it's just me and the hubs, in this house, alone.  It's our time, I know.  We both miss her tremendously and even though we are having fun, it was better with her laughter!  It's only a year....

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That's it folks.  I am back and I have so much to share with you!  Stay tuned and I hope you come back for more!

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