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Monday, January 2, 2017

One Little Word

One Little Word. 
So many of us choose a word each year that will help us define our thoughts and our actions.  Each year I try to choose a word that helps me work on something that I have lacked over the years.  As we grow older, we sometimes find that we become less of who we want to be and more of who others want us to be.  I admit, I have fallen victim to these exact circumstances.  Be focused, be brave, be confident, be smart, be anything other than who you feel you should be.
I have been pretty good when choosing a word.  Last year my word was pray and I was conscious of praying each and every day.  I learned that praying isn't always reciting a prayer from our youth with meaningless effort.  Prayer is being one with God, talking to Him, reading scripture and learning from it, and even watching Him through the eyes of others.  I prayed.  I read scripture everyday and it changed me.  My word completed my thoughts and actions.
In the light of being in a prayerful year, I wanted a word that would really help me become more of a thinker.  I want to be one with myself this year. I want to step back and relish in all that others have to offer the world.  I want to be silent.

Silent.  My one little word,  I will listen more and talk less.  I will hear what is being said without the intention of always giving an answer.  I will work on my heart.  I will sit in the light and hear every little sound.  I will be silent.
I think this will be my loudest year yet!  It is in the silence that we can truly see who we are meant to be.
What word are you choosing this year? 


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