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Friday, March 23, 2018

From Time to Time...Again and Again

Today marks the day when I start blogging again.  It is a first, again.  I have been here before, time after time, again and again.  This time is different.  I have inspiration, once again. 

Two wonderful things have happened over the past few months and it is because of these things that I will once again share my thoughts about life and teaching.  The first wonderful thing:  Little  Miss followed me into the world of teaching. The second wonderful thing:  Big Miss is now engaged and will become Married Miss in March of 2019.  

Little Miss graduated in August and became a middle school English teacher in October.  My heart skips a beat when I see her leave each morning, lunch in hand, to mold young hearts and minds.  I pray each night that she holds true to why she chose this vocation of teaching and that she doesn't listen to those who are trying to steer her away from her heart's desire to get kids to read more, think more, and be more.  I have watched her cry, because we all know teaching is hard.  It is difficult to teach kids who are 5 years behind and it is even more difficult to teach kids who don't have enough to eat or haven't slept or have seen things we would never imagine anyone seeing.  She is doing it, though, and she is getting through to these kids.  Most of all she is getting through to herself.  She is learning that she has so much to offer.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about the inspiration she will bestow on future generations.

Super Bowl Sunday will forever be known as the Super Bowl of Love in our house.  Big Miss dreamed of the perfect engagement and I think her love outdid himself.  Imagine a backdrop of a snow topped mountain in Colorado and a man on his knee expressing his love to you.  That is what my girl received and it was magical.  The weeks since then have been filled with Pinterest pinnings, venue viewings, dress designers, and wedding whimsy.  We are filled with lots of craziness ahead of us, but we are having a blast.  I was especially surprised to be asked to attend the Bachelorette Weekend when it comes up.  My heart skipped yet another beat to know that I am still the cool mom!

So, nothing school related here, just some news about my girls.  I felt it was fitting to include them as my start restart to blogging.  I hope I still have followers out there and I hope I gain some new ones as the weeks and months pass by.  Get ready to laugh, cry, and live in the moment with me once again as I share the teaching antics of my life.  Of course, there will be sprinkles of my girls, my hubby, and my puppy girl from time to time!  

Live your best life lovelies!

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